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[IP] Re: which pump

I have some issues with people who claim MM pumps have more static problems
than others. It is a fact that no pump can be immune from static. In Alaska
we have some of the lowest humidity in the country. I have not owned other
pumps and have had only one static incident with my 508. My friend however
who owned D pumps had more static problems . He has since changed to a 508
and has had no problem. It is actually a testament to MM that its product
could take the charge and still work. If you zap your motherboard or cpu in
your home computer you will be using it for a door stop !! As a ham radio
operator and a person with a degree in electronics I deal with equipment
that is destroyed totally by static.just the fact that you can push a few
buttons and be back up is amazing! All it takes is setting the time and
basil rates, etc. ! If you can't do that you need to learn or carry the
program card till you  remember. And that goes with all pumps! Some of the
people have concerns about waterproof pumps. The new standard that M uses is
8 foot for 30 minutes. Pumps are tested by means of standards set by testing
engineers (i.e. ASTM ___,___). All the pumps previous to the MM paradigm
were certified under the SAME standard. The Paradigm is the only pump to be
tested under the 8 foot at 30 minutes standard, and with no added parts. If
you are into rougher water sports or intend to be scuba diving try the sport
case , it is designed to be used under water. As for showers, my pump gets
clipped to the shower curtain or door, it gets soaked and has never had a
problem. All in all I spent a great deal of time studying the 3 different
pump internally with not as much focus on the exterior ( even though I
thought the d was ugly). I and my 2 non D colleagues decided the 508 was the
most bomb proof piece of equipment. The steper motor of the 508 is
definitely the most reliable design.  It was also interesting to note that
all of the pump could be produced for about 53.00 in components our
programmer estimates another 30 hours to write the program, we also
amortized the cost of an injection mold for the case over 25,000 units. So
any of the companies could just give us the darn pumps since they get filthy
rich on the supplies! I bought shares of MM.
I have recently come off of the iditarod trail where I spent 3 weeks along
the trail by snow machine and dog team. I tried several ideas dealing with
cold weather and pumping. one of my worst days was spent thawing out my
joints after a plunge through the ice. I intend to publish my results on a
personal webpage later. after everything is unpacked and I have a chance to
unwind a little. I would make a suggestion to anyone that may be worried
about their pump seal . I met a pumper from Europe on the trail that was
using a seam sealant sold for wet suits on his pumps seams. you have to
carefully mask off the areas with tape and use the sealant in build up
layers. It can be removed later with a razor blade and a little alcohol on
the residue.

Ken Weldon
MM 508 1 year this week
Chugiak Ak
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