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Re: [IP] Velosulin & Humalog Mix for pumps

> Our daughter (4 years old) just started pumping.  We have had lots
> of problems getting more that 30 hours out of a site.  We mixed 30
> units of velosulin with 150 units of Humalog.  We are now getting 48
> hours (yea).  I would like to hear for anyone that is doing the same
> thing and your experience on the following:
<snip questions>

This is a topic that comes up frequently. Most people that mix do so 
for the same reasons you do for your daughter. My daughter has been 
mixing for years now and can get 4 days from a set. She changes twice 
a week. This was the case on straight V, before H became available. 
When she started on H, her sets lasted only 36 to 48 hours. The mix 
of 5 parts H and 1 part V allows her almost the same onset time so 
there is not a noticeable difference for her, YMMV.

For LOTS more information, search the mail archive, all dates for the 
key word phrase "humalog AND velosulin". 


The reason why the mix works is not understood at this time. From my 
conversations with researchers, there is work going on to understand 
why it works and I can provide a referal for any physician that wants 
to know the science behind it, but I do not have that information 
myself. There are intelectual property issues that are in the way at 
the moment, but I expect these will be cleared up in 
the not to distant future.

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