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Re: [IP] VENT: Medic Alert - To Andy

Hi Andy,

You do get what you pay for, sometimes. I bought a sterling silver ID and had
the same problems of it breaking. I had to save a long time for that one too.
I don't have insurance to cover my med supply cost and so I can't exactly
shell out $400.00 for an ID.

As I said before no one should assume they know another person situation. Just
because you were able get an expensive ID does not mean that everyone can. I
am not saying that you had the extra money, I am just saying that you were
able to get your ID.

 I struggle to cover my supplies, so for me this is not an option. While I can
and do save all I can, it would take me a long time to get anything that was

 So please try to understand that we all are different, and I was not
complaining in my last post, but trying, unsuccessfully it seems, to get
people to understand that different people have different problem.

I hope you take this in the way it was meant, and I hope you were not
offended. If so I am sorry.

I hope you are doing well.

email @ redacted
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