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[IP] Please Tell A1C's

We have seen improvement in AIc's since diagnosis.  Just drew blood for
another yesterday.   We have gone from 7.5  to 7.1.  Looks like we are
doing pretty good, huh?

I expect the next to be better as we have been honing the basal and getting
good results.  We'll see.

My cousin, Kay, has been D from 8 yo and is now in her 50's.  She has no
complications other than scar tissue from not rotating injection sites.
After we went on the pump , we convinced her to do so also.  She had never
had an A1c under 10 prior to that and now is sporting 7.9, 8.1 and so on.
She still is having bouts of unconsciousness but far fewer.

She lives in Arkansas and is about 2-3 hours from a pumping endo in Little

Curtis Lomax
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