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Re: [IP] Medic Alert (it worked for me)

In a message dated 4/5/01 10:27:02 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> My wife made wallet cards on our computer with all 
> information on my meds, type of insulin, basals, insulin sensitivity, 
> Dr.#s, 

   Thanks for a great group suggestion. My parents are both 80 & my dad 
especially is on LOTS of meds. They too laminated a listing of all their 
current meds & keep  extra copies by the front door. When my mother had to 
call 911 one night for my father, the last thing she'd have been clear-headed 
enough to think of were all of his medications, but having those cards by the 
door enabled her to simply hand it to the EMTs.
   And when I worked in a physician's office for 4 years, I LOVED the 
patients who came in with a pre-printed listing of their meds, that I could 
just attach to their info form. There are certain medications that can have 
dire consequences if procedures are performed in an office setting & the 
physician had not been apprised.
Regards, Renee (melissa's pump mom)
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