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[IP] Re: Frustrated

Kirsten, 9, just started on the pump a week ago today...  and I didn't start 
feeling frustrated until 2 days ago.  I know that part of it is also 
exhaustion from all the work and night time testing... but I also have faith 
that it WILL correct and that it will truly be the best!!  The endo and CDE 
are wonderful - I feel like I can call ANYTIME - day or night!  I've been 
asking a lot of questions and writing down EVERYTHING I can imagine that 
could be causing changes...  it's time consuming, but it's also a great 
visual into why the numbers are doing what they are doing!  Using the Pumping 
Insulin book has also proven to be helpful.  I did have something from that 
book that didn't work, but it gave me a place to start...  Kirsten woke up 
with a 61 - the book says 1 gm of carb should raise your blood sugar by 4 
pts. - I gave her 7 carbs and 45 minutes later she was at 139 (we can live 
with that!)... then she went up to 245 a hour after that!  

Time, patience, and attention to the details...  I'm sure it'll all work out!

Kirsten, 9, dx'd 3/95 - finally pumping!
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