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Re: [IP] Medic Alert (it worked for me)

I can't recall when I got my 1st bracelet, but my wife says it wasn't to long 
after I was diagnosed(1979). Mine have all broken(3). Anyway, like my 
diabetes, I finally decided to take care of this problem myself. Since I will 
be wearing it for more than a couple of years, I went to a local jeweler and 
ordered a good gold ID braclet that was substantial enough to hold up to 
abuse(and looks good) I am outside all the time. I am a rancher and train 
horses.(fix fences,load hay, work cattle, and anything else the boss,my wife, 
wants done)  We also do a lot of outdoor sports with our 2 kids. I have had 
this bracelet 6 yrs. and it is as good as when I got it. It does have the 
medical alert insignia on the top in red(it has never worn off or chipped 
like my Medi Alert bracelet did) The only thing I have engraved on the back 
"DIABETIC-ON INSULIN". My wife made wallet cards on our computer with all 
information on my meds, type of insulin, basals, insulin sensitivity, Dr.#s, 
etc. She also made cards with symptons, treatment and to call 911. I keep 
them in our trucks, meter bags, wallet, and pump case(they even  fit behind 
my pumps clip case) She had all of them (15) laminated at Kinko's for about 
$8.00 so they are waterproof. If any of my  meds change, we can just do new 
cards. I know I might be a little neurotic about this but if you "go out" 
when you are halfway between Muleshoe and Friona, Texas and some old farmer 
finds you without a "cell phone", 800# 's aren't going do much good. I just 
hope he can READ !!            Good luck to all, JIM MANNS
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