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[IP] Re: Entitlement

Wow I go on vacation for a week & come back to a whole bag of worms. LOL
I just wanted to say how I have really enjoyed reading the opinions from such 
passionate people.  You can tell there are a lot of people on this list that 
really love & care about their children.  I know that my kids are everything 
to me & I would die for them.  I can see there are a lot of parents just like 
me on this list.  I think the point that was made about people being 
different & raising their kids differently is so true.  I think everyone 
does.  I am sure you will not find two people who raise their kids in exactly 
the same way.  Even my husband & I argue about this.  Because we both have 
different views on different issues.  That is what makes us interesting.  As 
long as he doesn't put me down for the way I Mother then we are fine:-)  
I think if some people want to raise their kids as totally independent with 
no preferential treatment well, that is their prerogative.  But, if you feel 
your kid has enough garbage to face & you want to do something special for 
them then that is great too!!!  This of course is totally up to the parents 
because hey, they are the "parents".  
I also wanted to say I enjoy reading everyones A1C's.  I think it is awesome 
when I read someones very low A1C & I feel so good for them.  I don't see it 
as braggin at all.  
Anyway we just got back from Spring Break at my Mothers.  Unfortunately had a 
terrible time with controling Ashley's bg's.  She was up & down the whole 
time.  Too much going on & as a parent I was just exhausted trying to keep up 
with her.  Was so glad to get back home & on our schedule.  I can not wait 
until the day she is on a pump & we can throw this lousy schedule out the 

  Kim...........Mom of Ashley 10 years old(diabetic for 5 years & not pumping 
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