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[IP] phone conversation with Disetronic

I spoke in length to Disetronic customer service
yesterday and came away very disappointed.  We had
gotten samples of the Ultraflex sets and Jessica loved
them.  So I wanted to trade in the boxes of Rapids we
had for the Ultraflex as the lady on the Waterproof
Issues Help Line told me I could do.  Well, the ONLY
sets you can get for a trade in are the Tenders.  They
will not trade out for Ultraflex because they are "too
expensive".  Also, the ONLY place yo can get the
Ultraflex sets is through Disetronic.  They willnot be
available through suppliers for an unknown period of
time, probably a year or more.  So if you use someone
like IIS or Hollywood Healthcare, you cannot get them.
 I asked about any plans to make a waterproof case to
distribute and she told me there were no plans to do
that right now.  I asked her point blank WHAT else
they were planning to do to help with this issue, and
she again told me that she could exchange our rapids
for Tenders, totally skirting the question.  I let her
know how disappointed I was in the company, more so
now after speaking with her!  She just apologized and
said she knew nothing else.  After this conversation,
I think it is VITAL that we organize a letter writing
campaign to let Disetronic know they need to do more. 
It is simply unacceptable to only offer one infusion
set as a trade and not even attempt to work on a
waterproof case in my opinion.

Nita in Texas
Mom of Jessica, 9, dx'd @ 9 months, pumping, and Jarred, 10 and a great help!

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