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Re: [IP] A1Cs that Sting

Miranda Miller wrote:
> PS Of course let's keep posting A1C's.  I usually only post mine when I'm
> proud, but now I'll do it to encourage myself.  8.4% :(  I guess it's time
> to keep a food log again and stop pretending I'm not diabetic. 

So glad I'm not the ONLY one who does that!!!!  :) :) :) But on the
other hand, we both have to keep on slogging through. And remember that
there ain't no such thing as the "perfect" diabetic, except possibly Dr
Bernstein!!!!  :S

> Response
> to Jenny's wonderful posts: what really steams me is when people TELL me
> that the only reason I need a pump is a matter of convenience.

Refer 'em to ME -- I've already taken out a copyright on that phrase,
and if they tell you YOU'RE doing it, that's copyright infringement!!! 

>  And I'm
> thinking of that quote, which I still mean to put on a bumper sticker,
> "Don't antagonize diabetics, we put up with enough pricks already."

LOVE it!!!!!
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