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[IP] A1c's

email @ redacted wrote:
> > "However, one little last comment ... isn't there a point where your
> > a1c is too low? I thought my doc said to keep it between 6 and 7? Am I
> > mistaken??"
> Normal HgbA1C's are 'normal' for everyone...one with diabetes or one 
> without diabetes.  Just the same as blood sugar 'normal' ranges are the same 
> for Non-DM's and DM alike.  And that normal range for HgbAic is 
> 4.0-6.0 mg/dl.
> There is no longer an accepted range for diabetics that is higher than for
> non-DM's.  Look it up.

PLUS it's important to remember that the same A1c numbers do NOT mean
the same things for different people. Some people naturally have lower
A1c's than others -- that's part of why it's a range (the other part
being that average BGs vary among normal people -- to a point!)

It's always (and I MEAN always!) a mistake to compare your A1c to
someone else's. It only leads to misinterpretation. For example, my A1c
is characteristically low. Even though I have a significant number of
high BGs (about 35% on my meter) andWITHOUT many hypos (the one last
Sunday was VERY unusual). So when I say I aim at an A1c below 5.0, that
DOESN'T mean you should -- it doesn't mean the same thing. 

I'm always astonished when people (especially those on another list that
is primarily Type 2) report that their BGs are NEVER above 180, even
after meals and usually below 150 at all times, and they have an A1c of
6.5.  If MY BGs were that good, I'd have an A1c of 4.0.  

So the point is, go ahead and chart your OWN progress, and feel free to
share the numbers, but DON'T let anyone else's A1c make you doubt your
own progress.
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