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[IP] Boluses that Hurt, A1Cs that Sting, and more

A couple of years ago, I had some great ab muscles, and found that when I
used sof-sets, or even sometimes silhouettes, my boluses would sting.  The
concensus at the time, from my doc, and I think from the list also, was
that I was getting the cannula too near the muscle, which stings when
insulin hits it.  What kind of infusion set do you use?  Is your son very
thin?  Perhaps he needs an alternate site, or the shorter infusion set for
kids, or trying a silhouette if he's on a sof-set.

PS Of course let's keep posting A1C's.  I usually only post mine when I'm
proud, but now I'll do it to encourage myself.  8.4% :(  I guess it's time
to keep a food log again and stop pretending I'm not diabetic.  Response
to Jenny's wonderful posts: what really steams me is when people TELL me
that the only reason I need a pump is a matter of convenience.  And I'm
thinking of that quote, which I still mean to put on a bumper sticker,
"Don't antagonize diabetics, we put up with enough pricks already."


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