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[IP] One year anniversary

This next week will be one year on the MM 508!  I was trying to think about
the differences in how I feel, etc...One of the biggest improvements, which
I had not realized was caused by D, is that I have not been nausous or
thrown up in this year...prior to this, I was nausous almost every day and
would throw up about 1 day every 2 weeks for years!  This is the biggest
and best relief for me!  (I no longer ride the blood sugar roller coaster
... use your imagination on how you feel after riding a regular roller
coaster and that was how I felt most days.)  My HGA1Cs have come down, of
course.. around 7 the last time I had it done... The flexibility of what I
eat, when I eat, has made the ability of me to move and take a new job,
without serious side effects or feeling bad, possible!  I now have a
wonderful job in a great town and feel my life is so much better!  prior to
pump, I would not even consider moving, due to stress making me feel so
lousy!   The only negative side effect was the 20 pounds I gained in the
first few months...I did not gain any more after that and will now work on
getting these pounds off!  I can judge how much I eat, by how much insulin
I take during a day - so I have a limit.. which is an easy way of tracking
how much I actually eat!  And talking about getting out of the bed in the
mornings - if I'm below 110 when I wake up, I can actually jump out of bed
and feel good... I used to be about 200 in the am and had to drag myself
out of bed and it took about 10 minutes to just get up and moving!  Do I
have more energy now?...not like I had hoped...but with the rest of this so
positive, I am happy and If I am able to live a few years longer in better
health - then that is worth it as well...

So anyway - happy anniversary to me!

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