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[IP] brace, let's

Geez, Louise!

Isn't it amazing how many people have NOT had a bracelet failure? I would bet
that there are even some people out there who haven't even become diabetic yet,

I first thought that you must be awfully hard on your stuff, but then I
remembered something about my "youth". I could NOT keep a watch on my wrist
without breaking it or losing it for more than a few months at a time. I even
went so far as to buy a Rolex, thinking that they would be "bullet proof". Not.
I ended up just replacing Timex watches on a regular basis. On the other hand
(hmmm, that sounds like a play on words, doesn't it) I find that my medic alert
necklace lasts quite a bit longer. I have had to replace the chain once and the
medal twice. The thing actually WORE OUT!

I would get a tattoo. I liked that idea. Of course the medical emergency
personnel would probably miss the message altogether and the whole point would
be lost, but what a great excuse for getting  a caduceus tattooed on your chest!
_I_ think it would look GREAT.

Also, I am reminded of another incident that happened to me about twenty years
ago. I broke my clavicle in a cycling accident. When the emergency medical crew
finally got me strapped down in the vehicle on the way to the hospital I removed
my "special" card from my wallet and just handed it to them. It read. "If I am
found unconscious GIVE ME BEER. I am an alcoholic". They didn't think it was

I already have sent Disetronic a letter regarding my surprise at their new
"waterproof" stance on MY pump.

Good luck in the quest for finding ways to enjoy yourself despite the
involvement of the rest of the world in their attempts to slow you down. And
remember there is nothing so difficult that you cannot find a way to do it if
you really want to do it, and nothing so simple that you cannot find an excuse
NOT to do it if you do not want to do it.

Nick Trubov
email @ redacted
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