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Re: [IP] problem-free style meter

Hey about the Freestyle and checking on your arm.  Today I remembered what 
someone said about  squeezing a fist really hard first and then doing the 
poke and then rocking the lancet device back and forth on the arm.  By gosh 
by golly it worked like a charm on Josh today at lunch and we were BOTH 
surprised at how easy it was.  It must be in the fist.  Well, if you think 
about it, was is the first thing that a Phlebotimist (SP?)(person at lab) 
tells you to do when you have to give blood sample?  Make a fist!!!  I don't 
care really WHY it works!  All I know is that WE are THRILLED to death that 
this simple method worked EXTREMELY easy for us today and hope to be able to 
continue doing so.  Try it!  And Good Luck!!

mom to Joshua
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