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[IP] RE: which kind of pump- long so delete if you want

My comments are only based on our limited experience (since March 13th) with
the MM508.

> Minimed -- Katie really liked the look and size of the of the MM
> pump (very
> pager like) and thought having a "clicker" (remote) for it would
> be cool.

David likes the Remote too.  BUT we took it away from him because there just
isn't much use for it right now.  With the remote he can only bolus in 1/2
units.  By bolusing directly on the pump, he can bolus in 1/10th units.
Much more accurate since he is only taking 22 units a day total.  If/when
his insulin needs rise and 1/2 unit dosing isn't such a big deal, he'll get
the remote back.  He really doesn't miss it because he will lift his shirt
to show off his pump or site to almost anyone who asks!!  LOL

> She liked the clicking sound when delivering a bolus, until she
> thought about
> the fact that other people (kids!) would hear it to.

I worried about the clicks too.  But if there are more than 2 kids in a
room, the background noise level makes the clicks impossible to hear!  LOL
In the cafeteria it's too loud to hear the signal that the pump has finished
delivery of the bolus.  LOL

> It was
> comforting to
> thinik about dealing with a company that's been making pumps for
> such a long
> time.  We were a bit bothered by the periodic shut-down and
> erasure of basals
> due to static electricity (common in dry Colorado) and Katie
> didn't like that
> this meant she'd need to keep her pump in the ugly (her words)
> black leather
> case all the time.

I also do not like the "static problems" with MiniMed.  We did not have a
choice in pumps so I'm not sure if this would have driven us to another pump
or not.  I like the theory of MiniMed's "step motor" that cannot be shorted
out by water.  I "think" I would be more afraid of a cracked case allowing
water to cause an unexpected delivery of insulin than I am currently afraid
of static electricity.  (we have the gold lined leather case to "prevent"
the static  problem with David's MM508)  But since I don't have any
experiece with any other pump, I cannot be sure.

>The one feature that eliminated the Minimed from
> consideration was the fact that it wasn't waterproof.

So far, not a problem for us.  David enjoys his "pump free" showers.  We
haven't tried the pool yet.  I'll let everyone know when that happens.  As
with everything else in D, it will take a few tries to figure out exactly
how it works out for David.

> So there you have it -- one family's evaluation of the the
> available pumps .
> . . Please -- don't use this to ignite any pump wars . . .
> They're all good
> pumps, and ANY pump is better than shots!

Here! Here!  I am so thankful that David is able to have Pump Therapy!  Even
though there doesn't seem to be any "perfect" pump for everyone, ANY PUMP IS
BETTER THAN NO PUMP!!!! (for us at least)

Marie Matthews
Mother of
    Jeff 15, Joey 13 & David Jr 9 (dx 9/99) MM508 3/13/01
Daughter of Donna 59 (dx in 1945)
Wife of Dave, USAF
Spangdahlem AB, Germany
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