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Re: [IP] Re: Frustrated

OH MY GOSH Shelly...you mean I wasn't the ONLY one with those kind of 
thoughts and feeling when Josh first started on the pump???  First of all, I 
looked at the pump as a sort of CURE and that things would be easy from now 
on!!!  BOY was I WRONG!!!  And then the feelings of frustration...how about 
when you lose sleep, work twice as hard as you ever have and then have the 
A1C go UP instead of down???!!!!  Talk about wanting to QUIT!!!  This was on 
top of multiple site insertions because of problems with adhesion, so we 
really had a rough go.  But for all of you newbie parents out there, stick it 
out, figure out what is happening if you can, ASK ASK ASK questions from the 
rest of us and we can help you through it!  Because I gotta tel ya, when 
things start to slick it FEEEEEEELS SOOOOO GOOOD!!
Am I rightor what??!!!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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