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Re: [IP] Re: Educating another nurse

Along this same line of educating, I had to take my son Josh to see a 
pediatrician because of an ear ache.  Turns out he has an ear canal infection 
(inner ear looked fine)  But I was sure something was wrong when he woke up 
in the 300's and had small KTs.  This MD is not familiar apparantly with D 
because when I told him about the high BGs and KTs he didn't think that this 
infection should affect his diabetes any.  I told him how a simple infected 
cut on a finger could affect BGs let alone and ear infection.  Then I 
introduced him to the pump and showed him the site on Josh's hiney (Josh was 
totally cool with this by the way) and told him that it is now not uncommon 
for a child as young as 2 being put on the pump.  I told him how going on a 
pump while still in honeymoon can actually prolong the body's ability to 
continue to produce its own insulin.  He was surprised, to say the least and 
pleased at the information he was given.  He was amazed at the pump itself 
and how small it was and the tubing.  Josh just beams when he is able to 
'teach' someone who is older than himself, but to teach a doctor....! Well, 
Josh was totally feeling grownup by the time we walked out of that place 
today, especially after the doctor thanked him!!  We try to educate ANYONE 
who is willing to listen, especially someone in the medical field!

PROUD mom to Joshua
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