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Re: [IP] Re:  Entitlement?

Hey people,  I think what started out as a simple thought in someone's mind 
about what they did or didn't do as a parent for their child has apparently 
turned into an all out war.  And for what.  For every set of parents there 
will be 2 different feelings on how to handle certain situations because 
those parents come from different backgrounds.  Now multiply that by how many 
parents we are talking about with different backgrounds, feelings and 
thoughts on how they want to handle THEIR child rearing.  PLEASE..don't 
ANYONE tell another parent that how they are raising their child is wrong 
because that is the fastest way to not only lose a friend but to turn them 
off from wanting to have ANYTHING more to do with you!!  Please...this 
madness must come to an end.  Let us parents raise our children the way WE 
see fit.  If you dn't agree with how that is being done...FINE, you don't 
agree.  But STOP telling us we are doing it all wrong just because YOU THINK 
you would do something different!  Until you walk a mile in my shoes you will 
NEVER see things MY way!!  Don't for get that !!!

the ONLY mother Joshua will EVER have!!!
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