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[IP] BS is it for blood sugars or does it have another meaning

Warning my frustrations are about to be presented here.

I am about the end of my rope.  I just can't make things make any sense any
more.  For the last year maybe a little more. My blood sugars have been
increasing. I'm constantly 200s and up.  Now, for the first 2 years on the
pump. Things were great! My hba1c was 7.2 every single time. yeah could have
been better, but was pretty darn good for me.

I have been under a lot of stress.  I'm an adoptive mother, but we have lost
3 babies in the last year for they have been returned to the birth parents.
Right now the little girl we have looks like she is going to be returned
also.  During this year I think I have even gained about 20-30 pounds.  So I
know I have factors that contribute to poor control.  But for crying out
loud. I should be able to get a grasp on things.

I am clueless when it comes to retesting my basals, and carb ratios.  What
used to be just great isn't working anymore.
I don't know if my sites aren't working. I have tried to use different
areas, no success. Change types of infusions, noppers. Changed insulin
bottles. (quite a few) still no success. I'm wondering if I should just
throw in the towel and give MDI a try. ARG.

I really like my pump, and I know if I can get this worked out I do much
better than I ever would on MDI.

Jenny, you started to tell me a way to test my basals.  I lost the notes I
took so I'm confused.  I have read the books, but gosh I'm lost.  Doctor
wasn't any help to me last year when I went to see him.  Right now I just
don't have the $120 to go see him, only to have him tell me well just do

Yes I know I need more exercise than what I get.( I think many people fall
in that boat) But gosh taking care of an 18 mos. old all the appointments My
time is shot.  Maybe I don't eat all that well. But I have taken records and
it doesn't look all that bad when I have written everything out.  Plus being
high so much I don't feel like doing anything.  And its weird, but yeah when
I'm high like this I tend to be hungry more. Now that doesn't make much
sense, but it does.  I know I'm insulin resistant, and I think I'm getting
worse. But thing is, am I just taking so much insulin that it's pooling
under the skin and hence not getting absorbed? I was told anything more than
30 u at one time, that some isn't absorbed but is just pooled under the
skin, until no longer effective.

Maybe there is no answer. I'M just stuck with this until my life gets
figured out. (no pity party please that's not why I'm writing)  Something
has got to work.. it just gotta.

That's why I used my subject line, for that's what I'm thinking at this very


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