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Re: [IP] Entitlement

       So well said Jenny!!!!! Believe me, when I FINALLY (sheesh this is 
taking SO long) get my little pump, you better believe my first a1c will be 
posted right here so I can get a few pats on my back!!! (of course right 
after I do it myself. and maybe even more than once!!!)
         Corny or not your poem was great! Isn't this what this site is for, 
SUPPORT? If we don't post our a1c's or our bs test info, we'd be missing a 
lot. It made me WANT to be on this pump (Even though my doc said I NEEDED it) 
even more when I saw how well it helped people with their sugars. Right now, 
my a1c is in the 11's...NOT GOOD.(Having a really hard time with morning 
sugars and midnight lows) So, I'm desperately waiting for my pump and I don't 
even have to cross my fingers that it will help, because I KNOW it will !!!! 
       However, one little last comment ... isn't there a point where your 
a1c is too low? I thought my doc said to keep it between 6 and 7? Am I 
All my best, 

Elizabeth    >^..^< 
dx 10-01-81 (Florida) type 1
Awaiting the arrival of 'Skippy'...
My new MM 508... also awaiting
the release of the new Paradigm!!!
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