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[IP] Re: "Entitlement..(Roxanne)"

<<<She taught us responsibility for our diagnosis and
when we both went off to college OUT OF STATE we never
questioned who would take care of use when we were
away from her.  Never once during college did I ever 
worry 'what if Mom's not here.'

Teach your kids that responsibility and perhaps they
will teach their peers by demonstration of the same.>>

Whew Roxanne!
Relax a little, ok?  I was diagnosed @ 7 and went away
to college as well, but there was an inkling of
feeling insecure the first semester.  Feeling insecure
the first semester is common for most freshmen, but is
compounded by the big D.  Not every child is parented
in the same way, nor should they be.  We'd all be
carbon copy diabetics and we'd all be very boring if
we had all been raised the same way.  Responsibility
is important to teach, but in my case I think it came
too early.  Just my opinion.  Every parent has to make
even bigger decisions for their diabetic children.  I
don't fault my own parents for making me take
responsiblity early, nor do I fault the parents who
guided their children's lives into adulthood.  In the
end, we probably all know how to take care of
ourselves properly and getting a break for anything is
small penance for what we deal with daily.  Lighten up
a little.

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