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Re: [IP] MM Contiouous Glucose Monitor

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Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2001 9:11 PM
Subject: [IP] MM Contiouous Glucose Monitor

> I am hoping this will help in aiding me and my Dr in adjusting my
pumping to
> fine tune things. Currently my readings sre 63% on target with 32%
High. I am
> aiming for better control, although my A1c has been reduced by over
half from
> MDI of 15.6 to
> 7 months pumping A1c of 7.3
> Thanks in advance for any info
> Gloria
> dx 01/97
> Pumper since 08/00
This will definitely help you see the patterns and responses to both
insulin and food. Keep as complete a set as you can. Every bit of info
helps. Be sure to program in the codes for bolus, carbs, etc.

The only problem I ran into was that you can not disconnect during the
3 days from the CGM. It must be placed in a "baggie" type pouch for
showers. A minor PITA. The data will store as well as data in your
computer. It is in non-volatile memory. Get copies of the data via
printouts for your records. The graphs are very helpful for later

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