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Re: [IP] Entitlement

(in answer to this posting)
> Unlike many on the list, I do not 'brag' about my A1C, but now I
> presently at 5.1 and I do not test my sugar obsessive like many say they

Wombn Wrote...
"I guess I won't be announcing my A1c anymore.  Nor talking about
how many times I test.  :-("

Lame attempt at poetry ahead!!!! WARNING!
Do not hide your joys, nor sorrows...
We are here for your tomorrows.
Those which do not care to read,
May successfully use their Delete key.

This list is made for many by few,
Invisible is the work they do.
So, with hokey poem, I'm begging too...
Don't let anything hold back YOU!

--------------Coffeehouse closed.--------------------------

Keep posting the HbA1c's and never be ashamed of the tests...We all deal with
this thing in our ways, and I -for one- will not let another tell me what to

This brings to mind, I went to a clinic years ago with my BG logbook, and a
food diary which I would keep on days of 'new' foods and other major changes.
The doctors would sigh and groan, saying "We ONLY want the logbook. OK?"
tossing aside my 'foods stressors etc...' logbook.

I went back to that clinic with a friend who's Mother goes there, and we were
to go out for lunch after.  The same people I saw there 5-7 years ago were
still around,....with Uni-boots and canes, one had gone blind, another was on
CAPD (a form of dialysis which is slightly easier on the system and better for
those to use at home), several others had advancing neuropathy.  The doctors
STILL only wanted 2-4 tests a day, no dietary consult, no CDE was even there
anymore! A dreary, uninspiring clinic!! I'm glad I got the H*** Out of there!

16 years with IDDM, no complications for me, and as I already have ROP
(Retinopathy of Prematurity), I am vigilant because I will try to keep what
little I have, thank you... I feel my many tests --and what I do with these
results-- is the mainstay to the health I have now.

You tell us your A1cs! As a member of IP would say "Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Pump
Bumpy!!!" .... Don't ever hide your light because of another's views. OK?
You're too damn good for that malarky!

Jenny Sutherland
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