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Re: [IP] Boluses that hurt?

>However when we bolus him for meals
> afterwards he says it hurts.  After about 1/2 to a full day later he
> complain about this anymore.

I have this problem a lot.  The first couple of boluses do sting a little
sometimes.  I tried splitting the bolus up, and waiting a few minutes before
doing it again.  Also, just keeping my mind off of it seems to help a little
bit.  My doc suggested waiting a few hours before the first bolus(if that's
feasible), and this seems to help as well.  Also make sure the insulin is at
room temp.  the closer it is to my body temp, the less it seems to sting.

>My son says the IV prep stings but It doesn't hurt on me.

I developed a rash when I used the IV wipes my pharmacy sent me, the area
itched and stung.  Now I just use alcohol.  The tape sticks just as well and
no more rash.  That didn't seem to affect the stinging boluses though.  I
also put a piece of tape down before inserting, because the plastic was
bothering my skin.

I hope this helps.
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