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Re: [IP] Boluses that hurt?

In a message dated 4/4/01 9:03:47 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> hope someone can help with this.  Whenever I change my sons infusion site,
> he doesn't complain that it hurts.  However when we bolus him for meals
> afterwards he says it hurts.  After about 1/2 to a full day later he doesn't

this is just a thought and please dont take it the wrong way...... when i was 
young and had to have shots, etc, or anything new, sometimes i kind of wanted 
a little 'extra' attention....... some comfort because i was scared 
sometimes...... do you think maybe he is saying it hurts right after you 
first put the set in with the boluses cuz he wants some TLC and also with the 
IV Prep?  i know the IV Prep doesnt sting me unless i put it over a newly 
taken out site...........
again, please dont take this the wrong way.......... it's not meant to offend 
or say anything bad about anything  :O)
good luck  :O)
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