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Re: [IP] Re: Humalog/Velosulin mix

> Thanks for the quick response, but does it look like a "tweaked" too
> much insulin or too little. 

Going low would be too much. Lily's basal requirements have moved 
around a lot over the last few years, varying both up and down by 
almost 2x at times to accomodate growth spurts, illness, etc.... On 
the other hand, her ratios have moved very little, many times only 
going (for instance) from 11.0 to 11.2   That's just an example. You 
can get an idea buy looking at your logged meal boluses. If you are 
SURE about the carb counts, the average high bg boluses after 
meals over several days or the flip side, the average extra carbs 
needed after meals to correct for lows can be used to figure the 
correction needed in the carb/insulin ratio. You have to throw out 
any data you are not sure about. A weeks worth of data can give you a 
good point to start guessing :-) at the adjustment needed. Basically 
you look at the total carbs vs: total insulin (not counting basal) 
and calculate a new ratio based on those figures, including high bg 
insulin or low bg carbs in the figures. I guess if you are way off, 
it should be obvious. When we fine tune, we make the adjustments in 
small steps on the safe side, erring on the side of being high and 
tuning in xx.1 increments to get close to just right. 

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