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[IP] Entitlement

Sally wrote:
Life isn't fair, that's just the way it is.   What about the "normal" kid
> that
> has to wait AGAIN, because your kid had a special "pass" to cut in front of
> him.   That's not fair to him/her either. Everyone pays the same fee at the
> gate -- everyone should be treated the same.
CASSI28 writes:
I suppose you feel the people who are in wheelchairs shouldnt have a special
handicapped entrance either, I mean afterall its not fair to everyone else
who has paid the same price to get in there right??  This is sooo sad....

Sally responds:
Look, Cassi -- I was simply stating MY opinion as was EVERYone else!
You cannot tell me how I "feel" about issues and you are WAY out in left
field with the response you made to my post.  That is not even a CLOSE
comparison.  But I DO think that people who are wheelchair bound should wait
in line for rides just like EVERYbody else. (hmmmm . . . Isn't that what the
original subject was?)

Having had IDDM since the age of 20 months, I am thankful that my parents
never gave me special treatment and no, I am not "bitter" or "angry" as
someone else had commented to Roxanne.  Actually I am very thankful for my
parents.  In 1964, there wasn't the research/technology that there is today.
That doesn't mean that I am saying it is "easy" to raise a child that has
diabetes in today's world -- it's still hard, just different. My doctor was
very strict and my parents did what he said or he wouldn't see me and I thank
God for that strict control now.
I have had IDDM for almost 36.5 years and my eyes are free from Retinopathy,
and many other problems that can develop due to long term IDDM.  I have 2
healthy daughters that I carried almost to full term and I am just now having
protein in my urine, which is down thanks to the pump and my current doctors
guidance. I am very thankful.  My health could be a LOT worse, and there are
others that suffer from horrendous diseases (not that diabetes is a
Wow --- just looking back at my letter -- didn't mean to "preach".  Off my
soap box.
So many times I have bit my lip to avoid "offending" anyone on this list.
I stand by my post -- now back off.

Sally =o)
IDDM for 36 of my 38 years
Assimilated : 7 December 1999
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