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[IP] Re: which kind of pump- long so delete if you want

As Julie said, I agree that's it's wise to let your (school age) child have 
input on which pump they would prefer (assuming your insurance company and 
doc are letting you have a choice) -- but I also think it needs to be a joint 
decision between the child and parent(s) . . .

We're waiting for insurance company approval for an Animas pump as I speak 
(er-r-r-r write!) . . . We put a lot of research and discussion into choosing 
the pump that would best met the needs of our 10 year old daughter.  Here are 
some highlights of what went into our decision:

Minimed -- Katie really liked the look and size of the of the MM pump (very 
pager like) and thought having a "clicker" (remote) for it would be cool.  
She liked the clicking sound when delivering a bolus, until she thought about 
the fact that other people (kids!) would hear it to.  It was comforting to 
thinik about dealing with a company that's been making pumps for such a long 
time.  We were a bit bothered by the periodic shut-down and erasure of basals 
due to static electricity (common in dry Colorado) and Katie didn't like that 
this meant she'd need to keep her pump in the ugly (her words) black leather 
case all the time.  The one feature that eliminated the Minimed from 
consideration was the fact that it wasn't waterproof.  

Being waterproof was a major consideration for us in choosing a pump, mainly 
because she spends all the time she can in the water during the summer (and 
eventually year round when we relocate to Hawaii).  However, we also feel 
strongly that we want the pump to be a part of her that's always around (and 
not likely to get left behind somewhere) . . . Sure, she'll want to 
disconnect at times (and not necessarily only during site changes -- which is 
why she chose the new Quick-Sets to start with) but we don't want to worry 
(and have her need to remember) to disconnect every time to take a 
shower/bath, jump in the pool, or run out into the waves (and more 
importantly we don't want to worry about remembering to re-connect every hour 
or two) . . .  With a waterproof pump, we can set a temporary basal and let 
her play on the beach and in the water to her hearts content . . .

Some folks told us "Won't you worry about sending that $5,000 pump out into 
the water?" and our response is that we worry more about Katie have the 
quality of life and quality of care that that pump has to offer (and can only 
deliver when she's wearing it)  -- plus, frankly, I worry more about finding 
a place at the beach to stash her pump where it won't get too hot, mistaken 
for a pager and swiped, or encrusted with sand . . . Also, that is what 
property insurance is for, and you can be sure we'll add it to the schedule 
to make sure that it's insured against loss.

So, since being waterproof is a critical factor (for *us*), that meant that 
the Disetronic H-tron was off the list, too.  We had originally decided to go 
with the H-tron -- the fact that you get a "free" back up pump was a clincher 
-- but now that they've had to change things and no longer call it 
waterproof, it just wouldn't work for us.

The Disetronic D-tron is a great pump with lots of bells and whistles (and 
waterproof to boot), but Katie was very definite that she did not want to 
wear that big, ugly thing (Again, her words . . . can we say "pre-teen" ??? 
<g!>)).  To be fair, it's really not that much bigger than other pumps and I 
don't think it's ugly so much as it clearly looks like something other than a 
pager . . . But, since Katie clearly didn't like it, we decided to pass . . . 

That brought us to the Animas . . . It offered every feature we were looking 
for -- especially waterproofness, size/look,  multiple basal profiles, % 
temp. basal adjustments, frequent basal delivery, and easy menu-driven 
operations (Katie didn't really like the icons on the Dis).  We don't know if 
we'll find the "fancy basals" to be of use to us, but it's nice to know that 
they're available for us to try out (Minimed & the D-tron also offer these) . 
. . The only drawback we could see is that it's relatively new on the market 
(a little over a year now) . . . After talking with over a dozen Animas 
pumpers who have been very satisfied with both their pump and service 
quality, we feel pretty comfortable with that now . . .

So there you have it -- one family's evaluation of the the available pumps . 
. . Please -- don't use this to ignite any pump wars . . . They're all good 
pumps, and ANY pump is better than shots!

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