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[IP] Entitlement

I am not 'bitter' about having diabetes.  As a matter of fact I feel it has
made me a stronger person and my skin is thickened against many things that
life presents me.  I know that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind
to and can do it on my own.

Unlike many on the list, I do not 'brag' about my A1C, but now I shall...its
presently at 5.1 and I do not test my sugar obsessive like many say they do.
See...perhaps something that I can say would benefit someone.  My mother
raised me quite well.  Her two children graduated from the TOP programs for
what they have studied.  Not that all of that is any of the list's business.

Funny, once again, how if you say something 'against' the parents on the
list, you are attacked.  MANY times incorrect medical information is provided
by the 'lay' people on the list, and I ignore it.  I feel you are potentially
sending your children the wrong message and I am entitled to that opinion.
Other's have agreed, yet they are not attacked.  The parent's are not in the
kids' shoes...I have been in those kids shoes (without the special
accommodations,) and know how my Mother's approach benefited my life much
more than teaching me that I am different and therefore better than other
kids are.

Some of you are in for a real shock when your toddlers hit the teenage years
and continue to feel that they are extra special and better than their

This will be my last opinion on the thread...it's not worth my valuable time.

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Registered and Licensed Dietitian
Cleveland, Ohio
IDDM X 18+ years, Pumping since 1/4/1995.
(First with Disetronic, now with MM 508 and much happier!)
And remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!
e-mail:    email @ redacted
'Diabetes is a disease of complications waiting for them to happen.' - - -
Mary Tyler Moore

In a message dated 4/4/2001 01:38:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> First of all Roxanne you get my goat!
> You have this general opinion that since you are diabetic, YOU Think you
> know
> it all. Every family/Individual is different and we all have different
> needs.
> It seems to me that you are BITTER because you have diabetes and that you
> are
> BITTER about the way your mother raised you.
> Don't tell me to take responsibility or tell me to make my child be
> responsible.  She is 3 years old!  She does not understand why she has to
> get
> shots and that her mommy, daddy and brother do not.  She already knows she
> is
> different from her brother (2) or her cousin (3), but she does not know
> why.
> She does not test her own BS or give her own shots, I DO, you cant expect a
> 3yr old to do that.  When she is ready and wants to I will let her.
> If getting a pass at Disney is going to make our day work smoothly than
> that
> is what I will do.  I don't think that 1 day of special treatment for my
> daughter is going to affect the way she grows up.  I think that giving her
> care, love and the attention she needs will give her the security knowing
> that her family cares and loves her.
> Randi, Mom to Bailey 3, dxd at 15 MO old.
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