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Re: [IP] Frustrated!

In a message dated 4/4/01 1:40:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I am beginning to feel discouraged!  For today's lunch, 
> I had chicken salad on kaiser roll.  I looked in the book which it said 
> that 
> the kaiser roll is 30 g. of CHO and chicken salad...3 g. CHO due to the 
> mayo. 
> My ratio is 1 unit for each 15 g. of CHO.  I decided to pump in 3 units of 
> Humalog since  my blood sugar prior lunch was a bit high (188).  Two hours 
> later...227!  The set is inserted securely.  No air bubbles in the tubing.  
> Did I do something wrong???  Help!!!
> Whitney - I don't believe you are doing anything wrong.  It's takes awhile 
> to set all your levels.  In your example above your BG only actually rose 
> 39 points after lunch - that is not bad - you were high before - and you 
> didn't really do a correcton for the high - along with the bolus for the 
> food.  Do you have a bolus ratio for highs? 
> I bolus 1:9 breakfast, and 1:7 lunch/dinner.  If I am high then I bolus 
> EXTRA 1 unti for each 20 points above where I want to be.  So for me on 
> your example I would have bolused 5 units to cover the carbs.  And since I 
> want to be at 120 or below prior to meals I also would have done an 
> addiional 4 units to correct the high. Does this make sense?  
> If I can anwser any more questions please email.  
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