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[IP] Re: expectations or whatever we're talking about that won't quit

I said:
> > ? Why not wait until they can really appreciate it as well as tell how
they feel? A 10-11 y/o would have a  lifetime of memories - without the
expectations (???) of special treatment because they would want to be *like
everyone else.*> >

> This is ridiculous!!  Just because my son might have been too young to
recognize being low has nothing to do with him enjoying disney....Why should
he wait til he is older??? Isnt that even more unfair?? >

Ridiculous?  I don't think so. A couple of decades from now you'll see this in
a whole different light. When I had my 15 mo. old dtr. at a festival and they
had a carousel, *I* knew she wanted to ride that thing. My hugsband held the
baby (yes, another one = 4.5 mos.) while I held dtr on the horsey going up and
down and up and down. This was in the *olden days* of the '60s and I had on a
dress and heels. Can you see me whirling around that thing holding her, me in
heels, going up and down. She didn't have a clue of what was going on and I
could hardly wait for the torture to end. You know what? She had many, many
rides afterwards that she COULD enjoy and remember. Me too!! A 3 y/o doesn't
even know about DisneyLand unless someone tells them - and that it's

Later when your toddler sees the pics of his enjoyable time that he didn't
remember, he'll want to do it again anyway so he'll have a conscious
recollection with *real* memories. It may not even result in a heated defence
or discussion. Age has a way of earning a degree from the School of Hard
Knocks - that's why we're *grand*mothers. BTDT - YMMV (~_^)

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