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Re: [IP] No Subject

Hey Whitney,
Figure the carbs in one bisquit and then add that to number of bisquits you
eat- if you have the minimed 507c-508 then do a square wave after you have
counted your other carbs of course-Honestly it isn't that difficult. Go and
enjoy your bisquits and account for them accordingly. The day I got my pump
working my hubby took me and I ate pizza and a Blizzard LOL had such a taste
for that. I still do that once in awhile.
we cannot expect restaurants to understand diabetes and pumping- I'm still
learning myself:)
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Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2001 5:11 PM
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> Hey Insulin Pumpers,
> I am sorry that I had to take the action of this Red Lobster matter.
> I got the pump, I was afraid to go to Red Lobster, knowing that place is
> filled with carbs.  I have not gone to Red Lobster in 8 years!  I loved
> biscuits which I couldn't stop eating.  When I got the pump, I was so much
> looking forward to go back to Red Lobster so I can be able to eat those
> biscuits and now this!  This really disturbs me by this woman's ignorance
> our needs. And, physicians' duties.  This really aggravated me.  I will
> certainly let you know and post the response when I get the response.
> Whitney
> dx'd  12/31/92
> pump since 03/21/01
> Hi,
> I would like to address that diabetics need the nutrition information in
> order to administer correct doses of insulin into their body system.  I am
> sorry I have to disagree with your letter stating that the physician is to
> contact Red Lobster.  The doctors are not responsible for calling Red
> and get the nutrition information for us.  It is our responsibility
> we want to eat at Red Lobster, not the doctors.  That is not in their job
> description.  Mc Donald's did provide me the nutrition information which
> helped me greatly.  Red Lobster used to be my favorite restaurant.  Now, I
> can't go and eat Red Lobster because I have no idea how much carbohydrates
> Red Lobster's menu.  In other words, I am avoiding Red Lobster until I
> there is nutrition information being available.
> You also mentioned that you value our patronage...I don't see it yet!  I
> see your value of our patronage when you provide us nutrition information.
> Please take this serious matter into consideration.  I'd appreciate it.
> Sincerely,
> Ms. Chesser
> April 4, 2001
> Dear Mr. Jobe:
> Thank you for your interest in Red Lobster.
> We are constantly making improvements to our menu, whether it be company
> wide or on a regional basis.  Due to the differences in our menus and in
> some cases recipes, we are unable to provide accurate, up-to-date
> nutritional information for all of our guests.
> If you need this information because of a medical condition such as food
> allergies, please have your physician or health care provider contact us
> 1-800-562-7837.
> Again, thank you for contacting us.  We certainly value your patronage,
> look forward to serving you soon.
> Sincerely,
> Melinda
> Hospitality Specialist
> <email @ redacted>
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