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[IP] Re:Entitlement?

I am an ADULT Type I, never had D as a child.
My 2 Cents...

I go to a restrant quite often that is quite busy. It is connected with
a cassino - and I get in free. Problem is that on the weekends there is 
a very long line. I do not normally ask for "special" entitlements, but
my last visit, I waited for over an hour in line - then received a
to call me when my table was ready. TWO hours later I stopped back by -
and found out they had been trying to page me for over and hour and a

Now this place is the ONLY place to get food for about 20 miles...
This is the ONLY resturant...
Yes I do carry food for treating hypo's, and am on the pump....
But I just can't wait for 2-3 hours to eat...

Result - after several hypo's in the same situation, I have ASKED and
RECEIVED the "SPECIAL ENTITLEMENT" of going to the front of the line.

Now I ONLY use it when I am low, and do NOT try to abuse it...


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