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[IP] Re: Frustrated

Hi Whitney:  We had similar problems with our little guy at first.  What I
found was that I was expecting far more from our pump than it did.  I  needed
to do more of the work.  I also was checking him far too often.  I thought
(for some reason) that his blood should be in range anytime I checked. I
learned after getting fruustrated beyond belief that I only get an accurate
reading every 2 hours with him and in the morning only at every 3 hours
(insulin resistance.)  So that is one thing.  I also learned to relax a bit
(later on though not at 2 weeks or even 2 months.) and to just trust my
numbers and pump.  For example, I would trust that I bolused correctly for
lunch so if he wanted a snack later I could give it to him and bolus and by
supper he "should" be right on. This is almost always the case.

Just be patient and work hard on getting your basals right, do fasting tests
often at first, and then get good at counting carbs.  This helps to rule out
several variables that effect highs and lows.

Good for you and keep posting questions!

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