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Hey Insulin Pumpers,
I am sorry that I had to take the action of this Red Lobster matter.  Before 
I got the pump, I was afraid to go to Red Lobster, knowing that place is 
filled with carbs.  I have not gone to Red Lobster in 8 years!  I loved those 
biscuits which I couldn't stop eating.  When I got the pump, I was so much 
looking forward to go back to Red Lobster so I can be able to eat those 
biscuits and now this!  This really disturbs me by this woman's ignorance of 
our needs. And, physicians' duties.  This really aggravated me.  I will most 
certainly let you know and post the response when I get the response.

dx'd  12/31/92
pump since 03/21/01


I would like to address that diabetics need the nutrition information in 
order to administer correct doses of insulin into their body system.  I am 
sorry I have to disagree with your letter stating that the physician is to 
contact Red Lobster.  The doctors are not responsible for calling Red Lobster 
and get the nutrition information for us.  It is our responsibility because 
we want to eat at Red Lobster, not the doctors.  That is not in their job 
description.  Mc Donald's did provide me the nutrition information which 
helped me greatly.  Red Lobster used to be my favorite restaurant.  Now, I 
can't go and eat Red Lobster because I have no idea how much carbohydrates in 
Red Lobster's menu.  In other words, I am avoiding Red Lobster until I know 
there is nutrition information being available.  

You also mentioned that you value our patronage...I don't see it yet!  I will 
see your value of our patronage when you provide us nutrition information.  
Please take this serious matter into consideration.  I'd appreciate it.


Ms. Chesser

April 4, 2001

Dear Mr. Jobe:

Thank you for your interest in Red Lobster.

We are constantly making improvements to our menu, whether it be company
wide or on a regional basis.  Due to the differences in our menus and in
some cases recipes, we are unable to provide accurate, up-to-date
nutritional information for all of our guests.

If you need this information because of a medical condition such as food
allergies, please have your physician or health care provider contact us at

Again, thank you for contacting us.  We certainly value your patronage, and
look forward to serving you soon.


Hospitality Specialist
<email @ redacted>
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