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[IP] Re:Entitlement

First of all, I think most of us DO take very good care of our diabetes.
We DO take responsibility.  Most of the time, most of us want or need no
special treatment, but I think in a some cases, it's not only wanted, but
absolutely NEEDED.  There have been days that I'll be out doing something
and bring probably 45 grams of sugar stuff in case I get low and I'll
actually go through all of that in an hour...with my pump having been shut
off for the last 3 hours.  When you then go low again, that is the time
you use your special pass for the front of the soda line.  
The other day, I went shopping and all of a sudden, wham, I was walking
around slightly confused and had to grab a juice off the shelf to drink.
Now, I know you're not supposed to open drinks in Walmart, but I didn't
have much choice.  This was a severe, fast low that took over 30 carbs to
bring up.  

My personal feeling is that yes, you do need to make allowances.
Diabetics aren't fully in control...there are times you can't feel lows
coming, or times they hit when you tested just an hour before and were
fine.  Preparedness will only go so far.  

One last point.  I took the ACT at a different school that I attended and
at that time was on shots.  I brought a juice along, even though there was
NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED. I spent nearly 15 minutes explaining why I had
to have one before they'd even let me in the room. That's not possible to
not have special
circumstances on that, if I hadn't had that juice, I would have either
gone low or been forced to take it on another day and throw my blood sugar
over 250 just to not go low. 

Please don't say we get no allowances.  Some of us are doing the best we
can with an unpredictable disease and occasionally it's out of our hands
and we need a little help.  

Carmen Mayo
d'xd 4/9/97 pumping 5/23/00
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