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Re: : [IP] type 2 diabetic at dr office

In a message dated 4/4/01 9:21:12 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> So actually, I think the insensitivity goes both ways -- Type 1's
> wishing they had Type 2, and Type 2's wishing they had Type 1 -- given
> my druthers, I'd rather not have it at all, but if I DO have to have it,
> I'll keep the Type I have, thank you -- because NO type of diabetes is
> the piece of cake some people seem to think it is! 

I've often thought I was glad i was type 1 instead of type 2.  In diabetic 
chat rooms watching what they say it seems like they have no freedom in their 
diet or their lives in general.  Made me appreciate my pump and the freedom 
it gives me so much.
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