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[IP] was: special treatment, now: letter to D


I want to participate in the letter campaign. Perhaps,
not only could e-mail addresses be included but our
Disetronic customer numbers. Disetronic mailed out
cards over a year ago assigning us all numbers. I
tossed my card.  (Because I am of the opinion it was
poor customer service to ask me to carry one more card
or remember one more number. At that point, I had
spent $10,000 with them, so my name should be on
file.) It is on the packing slip though, mine is
17384. Does a person have a Disetronic customer number
if they don't order directly from Disetronic? Perhaps,
one is assigned when the warrantee is sent in.

Political organizations will many times post a sample
letter, which can be sent or modified as individuals
see fit. That might work. I think they should be sent
by snail mail. Distronic doesn't respond to questions
put on their website. They go into never never land. 

Andrea Seitz

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