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Re: [IP] Re: Entitlement?

   How can you possibly teach a 3 year old to be responsible for their own 
treatment?? You can't even teach them to cover their face when they sneeze!! 
MAYBE if you had a small child with diabetes you'd understand a little 
I really do feel for the parents of these kids, it cannot be easy.

   Also, everyone MUST remember that we are talking about small children. I 
know that when my daughter was 1 1/2 years old, she was speaking sentences, I 
know, she's VERY bright, however, as smart as she was there were still times 
when she felt awful but could not convey to me what the problem really was. 
(I would get paranoid at the thought of her getting sick, and she wasn't even 

   I was 3 years old when Disney first opened their doors. My grandparents 
took me and I STILL remember a lot from that trip. (Especially Pooh Bear 
scaring the b-jesus out of me!!) To say to a parent,"wait until they're older 
so they can appreciate it more" is silly. You should see the look on a little 
one's face the minute they walk down Main Street in Disney. You can see the 
wonder and amazement in their eyes like never before. That's the thrill of 
going!!! For the child it is a magical place, for the parent it is a little 
selfish act because they get to enjoy seeing their child happy and carefree. 
IF you have to wait in a long line and see a family go to the front and the 
child isn't in a wheel chair, you may think to yourself, "Hmmm...wonder 
what's wrong?" The other thought you may have, if you are a selfish and 
uncaring person is, "Hmmm... I have to wait in this line all day and look at 
those people"  That's just plain STUPID. I was at Disney one year and met a 
family whose little boy was very sick and he made a request to the 
Make-A-Wish foundation. So, as a "last request" they sent him, all expenses 
paid!! They even got a special pass to get in the front of lines. I asked the 
Mom why it was that they didn't take advantage of it and she said that it was 
because when they had tried to use it, they were faced with VERY rude people 
asking why they got to go first and she was embarrassed. (The son was only 
supposed to live another 2 to 3 months but didn't look sick in the least.) I 
told her not to mind the rude people and that she should take advantage of 
it, what if all of a sudden he didn't feel well, then they would have to 
leave the park and he would miss out on a lot of stuff. So, my remaining 
comment is this....Opinions are like @ssholes, everyone has them but you 
don't have to show it. Like I had said before, didn't your Mom ever teach 
you, "If you don't have anything to say...." We all know the rest. YES, this 
is a message board but first of all it is a SUPPORT group. That means we post 
our messages or problems and somehow hope that someone else understands what 
we're going through and can help us. If we needed negativity we wouldn't be 
here. PLEASE, everyone remember that. We deal with so much being diabetic or 
the caregiver of a diabetic and we have enough battles in our life to 
conquer, we don't need to battle each other. Do we?
All my best, 

dx 10-01-81 (Florida) type 1
Awaiting the arrival of 'Skippy'...
My new MM 508... also awaiting
the release of the new Paradigm!!!
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