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Re: [IP] Re: [IPk] photographs (day one thoughts)

At 12:13 PM 4/4/2001 email @ redacted wrote:
 >In a message dated 4/3/2001 4:53:23 PM, email @ redacted writes:
 ><< I don't think that the space that these pictures take up is a major
 >issue at this point, or Michael wouldn't be asking for more of them. >>
 >I've noticed that the member profile page takes forever to load. Some sites
 >have handled this by breaking up the list and putting one letter (the first
 >letter of the last name) each on a separate and much faster loading page. I
 >have a lot of images on my web site and it loads very fast, but the 
 >files are very small and link to a page with a single larger file. Not 
all of
 >us have super fast computers and/or dsl. It's great to have such a big 

I don't think this is caused by the pictures, since they only load when you 
open up that entry. I'm not sure what would be involved with changing the 
programming of that list to split it up. Michael's time is pretty scarce 
nowadays. But that would be his decision.

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