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Re: [IP] Special Treatment - long

>"This is ridiculous!!  Just because my son might have been too young to
>recognize being low has nothing to do with him enjoying disney....Why 
>he wait til he is older??? Isnt that even more unfair??"

I'm not positive because I didn't write the post that initiated this 
comment, but as an outsider (kind of!), i didn't read it to mean that your 
son couldn't ENJOY Disney at the age of three...rather that kids who go to 
Disney at three years of age rarely remember much about the experience when 
they are 20 in comparison to kids who might go at the age of 10.  I think 
that is a nonDM type of issue...but it is a proven fact that kids don't 
remember a lot from when they are three.  He might remember the Dumbo ride 
or another favorite (ok, Dumbo is what I remember from when I was 4!), but 
would have more memories at an older age.

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