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RE: [IP] Special Treatment

First, Natalie and Jan, thanks for your kind and objective posts.  It seems
like emotions are getting in the way of helping each other with this topic.
And it's totally understandable that parents are getting emotional.
Everyone on this list is doing the very best job they can managing their, or
their child's diabetes.  

It's always hard for me, as a diabetic since age 3, to read parents' posts
about their diabetic children.  I hate thinking about all the worry and fear
that my parents had and have.  I was always very self sufficient, but had
many lows that I needed help from my parents to treat.  And I say self
sufficient, but I also completely neglected my diabetes most of the time.

When I went away to college, and when I spent 3 months in the forest in
Costa Rica, far from any medical response, it was really scary to have only
myself to rely on. Ruth's post about her 18 year old daughter reminded me
that one thing I learned was to always keep glucose tabs or juice boxes
within easy reach.  This includes in my car, purse, at my desk, and by my
bed.  Lows and highs are so much scarier if you feel like you need someone
else to help you with them.  It really is easier when you know you can help

I think that was the intent of the original post, not to hurt anyone's
feelings.  Please, no flames!  I'm not saying diabetic kids don't need their
parents help or special treatment sometimes, just that the more they can do
on their own, without special treatment, the happier they will be.
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