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[IP] Re:Entitlement?

First of all Roxanne you get my goat!

You have this general opinion that since you are diabetic, YOU Think you know 
it all. Every family/Individual is different and we all have different needs.

It seems to me that you are BITTER because you have diabetes and that you are 
BITTER about the way your mother raised you. 

Don't tell me to take responsibility or tell me to make my child be 
responsible.  She is 3 years old!  She does not understand why she has to get 
shots and that her mommy, daddy and brother do not.  She already knows she is 
different from her brother (2) or her cousin (3), but she does not know why.  
She does not test her own BS or give her own shots, I DO, you cant expect a 
3yr old to do that.  When she is ready and wants to I will let her.

If getting a pass at Disney is going to make our day work smoothly than that 
is what I will do.  I don't think that 1 day of special treatment for my 
daughter is going to affect the way she grows up.  I think that giving her 
care, love and the attention she needs will give her the security knowing 
that her family cares and loves her.

Randi, Mom to Bailey 3, dxd at 15 MO old.
awaiting the arrival of her pump
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