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[IP] was: special treatment, now: letter to D

I was not planning on an email to D, I am planning on an actual physical
snail mail letter to them. I don't know of any good way to get actual
handwritten signatures on it though without this taking a very long
time...  I was thinking something along the line of including email
addresses or other contact information along with the note explaining
that if they (Dis) were in doubt as to whether these people actually
exist and wanted their name on the letter they could follow up. Plus
since they are all HTron users, D should have their contact info on
file. I agree that tons of individual handsigned letters might be more
effective, but I also think there are lots of us out there who might not
feel they have the time or motivation or whatever to write their own
letter - and this is just another option for them.
If anyone has more ideas on how we can improve this please let me know!
Also, since I have received only a few comments/corrections/suggestions
about the letter itself I am thinking I will post it soon (like
tomorrow) so we can start collecting signatures. So please get those
comments to me right away.

>As long as I'm on a roll - about the waterproof letter to Disetronics: I was
>trying to track it down, but sorry couldn't find it but read something about
>an email with lots of signatures means nothing to a company. Actual
>handwritten physical snail mail letters do get the attention of the *higher
>ups*. Anyone can write something and add many addys (real or made up) and it's
>not taken seriously. This may want to be taken into account if the letter to D
>is meant to be taken seriously.
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