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Re: [IP] No Nutrition Information (free food guid)

At 12:26 PM 4/4/2001 -0400, Ginny wrote:
>Can't we know the carbohydrates of food by practising at home and reading
>books that have this info in it?
>I can go to any restaurant and eat a meal and make a good carb estimate.

I agree, Ginny.  In fact, I have found on occasion that my educated guess 
about carb count is BETTER than that on the nutritional label.  I recently 
bought a single-serving box of sushi roll at a Trader Joe's 
grocery.  According to the label the 6 pieces had a very high carb count, 
something like 80, I think.  I thought about it long and hard and couldn't 
bring myself to bolus for that many carbs.  I was afraid of going low.  I 
bolused for 45 and several hours later was right on target.

I learned how to do this well before detailed nutritional information was 
available on every package label.  I learned the exchange system and still 
find myself thinking in terms of 3 Uneeda biscuits or 6 saltine 
crackers.  This should ring a bell for anyone who went to the Joslin clinic 
in the seventies or earlier. ;->
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