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[IP] IV's and Dextrose

I was recently in the hospital again (4 time for 3
surgeries).  When they first hooked me up to an IV I
made sure that it had no dextrose.  It didn't and my
bg's were fine.  After the surgery, that night at 2
am, I checked my bg (I have learned to make sure I
bring my own meter).  It was 350.  I bolused (3 1/2
units) and at breakfast it was still 250.  Looking
at the IV I now see dextrose written on it.  I was
not happy.  The nurse said that it is 'only' 40
drips/hour (my Disetronic is 'only' 20 drips/hour).
She said that it was the surgeons orders and she
must do what she is told, and I could not change it
on my own.  Nobody seemed to know how many grams
would be delivered so that I had to be reactive
rather than proactive.

One of the great things about pumps is that you can
adjust for different eventualities in exercise,
meals, schedule, etc.  They still didn't inform me
of my meal grams (which I've complained about
before), even though I asked 3 times before

I am not asking for special treatment.  I just want
to be told what I am eating (like McD's) and that I
am having dextrose pumped into my veins.  Is this
(Valley Hospital Las Vegas) normal?
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If you are sure you understand everything that is
going on,
you are hopelessly confused.
 - Walter Mondale
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