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[IP] Special Treatment - long

Natalie said, in part:
>>> I dunno, I guess I'm saying there ARE circumstances where special
treatment is necessary, but it shouldn't be taken lightly -- >>>

There is a story going around on the 'net that I'm trying to remember but
can't get it all together. In essence I believe it is of a little girl (7-8?)
who wore leg braces because of a muscle defect. She wanted to race at school
and they allowed it, but weren't too encouraging, more or less mollycoddling
her. SHE WON!! Her daddy asked her how? She said she had an advantage the
other kids didn't have. What? She had to try harder! She won more than the
race that day. I often see split expectations on this list: I want special
treatment - I don't want special treatment. It's that cake thing. We want to
have a pilots license, drivers license, do whatever despite DM, then we want
exceptions because of DM. I think *most* of those requesting special treatment
are the parents and not the actual DMers. Strange. As far as a 3 y/o getting
special treatment at DisneyLand, I foret who said they may be too young. I
remember a LOT when I was three, but I doubt I'd recall much of that kind of
trip. Is the trip for the parents' sakes? Why not wait until they can really
appreciate it as well as tell how they feel? A 10-11 y/o would have a lifetime
memories - without the expectations (???) of special treatment because they
would want to be *like everyone else.*

I learned on my own years and years and years ago to never rely on others for
what I might need. I see women walking around with no purses. I'd like to do
that, but know it's just a part of me (and a large purse) - have to have
something with me to treat a low, and a site change plus other meds, and the
all-important ETC.  I now carry a syringe to
be able to deliver manually any insulin in the tubing/leur lock in case I have
foolishly neglected to change a site and run out. I always took my own
beverage with me when invited to others' homes because most of the time they
didn't think about that for me - or if they did I didn't always care for their
choices. Since I did it for everyone's home, no one was singled out as an
exception. I say *did* since I've had to give up my beloved Diet Coke due to
the kidney dysfunction. 8^(((

I was spoiled - which prompts me to add here about that word. If we buy meat
and it's spoiled, we spit it out - can't stand it. NOT good!!  A child whom is
spoiled is NOT
good! Children cannot spoil themselves - an adult does it *to* them. LOVED is
entirely different. Catering to their whims because of DM doesn't help the
child overcome any circumstances nor teach them how to cope with life. It's
hard to deal with real life if parents always cater to the child (DM or not)
and the REAL WORLD hits much sooner than one realizes. Each of these children
will have their own story about their childhood and treatment in the not too
distant future. These years cannot be recovered - nor changed.

As long as I'm on a roll - about the waterproof letter to Disetronics: I was
trying to track it down, but sorry couldn't find it but read something about
an email with lots of signatures means nothing to a company. Actual
handwritten physical snail mail letters do get the attention of the *higher
ups*. Anyone can write something and add many addys (real or made up) and it's
not taken seriously. This may want to be taken into account if the letter to D
is meant to be taken seriously. YMMV (~_^)

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