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[IP] Re: Entitlement (Roxanne)

Hey there:  This is the 2nd time you have "flamed" a post from me.  I agree
that you entitled you your opinion but so am I.  I have every right to fight
for any break I can get on out taxes here in Canada.  We do not have ANYTHING
that lets us "itemize" costs etc. on out taxes, ZERO tax breaks.  The
Disability tax credit is the only category where we can fit in all the
expenses we have.  Due to my son and his dx at age 2, it was better
financially for me to stay home with my son.  I lost all my benefits, years of
experience, pension etc. to stay home.  We do not have a dental plan so must
pay for all dental out of pocket.  Pre-pump I had to feed my son EVERY night
to keep him from hypo-ing in the middle of the night--due to this he has
cavities that must be filled, costing us even more.  We have "free" visits to
a doctor here in Canada, but we have to pay for all supplies.  I do not have
"superior" medical insurance. Our costs are over $500 per month just on

We are the family that got the pass for Disneyland, and obviously from all the
support I received via email OFF the IP list, we are not the only ones who got
one or plan on getting one!  I used it minimally, but was glad for it, testing
blood suagr in a huge line-up of people pressed up against each other is a
real pain!.  Roxanne, unless you are some saint, I doubt that at 5 years of
age your parents would have turned down a chance for a pass for anything!  And
YES, my child is very SPECIAL and not spoiled from all my extra care I try to
get for him.  I guess if you think at least 10 pokes a day to his little
fingers is spoiling him, and forcing him to eat a meal at 2am is spoiling him,
then maybe you are right. I guess I have really spoiled him by geting him such
a fancy form of insulin-delivery, his Minimed pump!  What a spoiled kid to not
have to endure the 200+ needles he used to get! He should at least have to
SUFFER as much as you did, right?

This IP list is an ONLINE SUPPORT GROUP.  Opinions on care and pumps, and
experience is what we are all looking for here, but having to defend myself
and others is a mis-use of this incredible board.

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