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Re: [IP] Re: VENT: Inferior products: Medic Alert & Sport belts

Thanks for the kind reply, Bob.

>Sounds like you are having a tough day.  Very frustrating to be diabetic and
>have to deal with all of the day-to-day problems, isn't it?  I appreciate
>your difficulties but have to take issue with you about Medic Alert.  I used
>the same bracelet from them for about 8 years u

I have always had strong feelings towards Medica ALert since age 9 when I
started the first of many episodes of losing or breaking the braclets.  I
have tried everything I and the local leather-worker can think of.  In
addition I have participated in numerous threads in many forums over hte
last 6 years regarding this issue the only solution anyone has yet is a

And yes, one of those days I am spending time on things like this when i
should be being productive.  Last night as I was speaking to my "ex" and
her boyfriend aboutn teh upcoming season; iot corssed my mind that they
just didn't waste another day trying to find equpipment to keep life-giving
devices on the body while they are out on the water!

ntil I went on the pump and
>got a new one that added "insulin pump" to it.  And to call Medic Alert a
>sham is going a bit far don't you think?  In the past 12 years that I have
>been a member, they have provided vital information to medical care or
>emergency personnel for me 3 times when I wasn't able to.  That was
>priceless and is the real reason for their existence.  But maybe you should
>suggest they make a "heavy duty" bracelet chain that will take more abuse.

MEDIC ALERT:  "Sham":  I use this word becasue they're "heavy duty" braclet
costs $85.+ and lasts one month past warranty.  Last one like this I had
was torn appart while wrestling with my nephew on a raft in a lake.

Medic Alert's responce:  1.  All braclets are designed ot fail under loads
to prevent injury.

2.  "Do not wear a medic alert braclet while participating in exercise or
sports".  Duh!  that's just the time we need it!  it is at these times
there is no wallet and usually no familiar people around!

Under Medic Alert's guidance; I would wear the braclet during work and at
home but when I go out take it off!  geeze!

Ohne thing for sure is Medic Alert is not interested in creating a sport


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